Can one phone call change your business?


We believe in kismet but we also believe that not every thing is for everyone. So, we’re offering free 15-min consultation calls with Shani to see if Jamila Studio is the right fit for you. While we have a soft spot for everyone brave enough to start their own business, we work best with entrepreneurs who….

  • …have been in business (or working independently) for 2+ years or those who are striking out on their own after a 5+ year corporate career in the same field

  • …have a long-term vision for their business (even if they are not sure how to get there)

  • …are looking to transition from working solely in their business to working on their business (hello, E-Myth!)

  • …want to build a business around a healthy and full life

  • …are excited for a collaborative process (we are not freelancers or an agency, we work with you and not behind the scenes)

  • …are willing to invest at least $500 in consulting services



Not quite there in your business journey but still looking for guidance?

Check out our events & workshops hosted for early stage companies and founders just starting out. We host them in partnership with some amazing companies that subsidize a portion of the costs.

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