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Congrats on launching your business! We respect your hustle. Now it’s time to add some smart work to your hard work. You have a whole new set of demands on your plate: an evolving brand, sustainable revenue, mounting competition, and creating processes/leading a team. Don’t get overwhelmed. We got you covered.

Let’s tackle this together


You’ve got the skills, now it’s time to pay the bills


While 80% of small businesses survive their first year, most don’t make it passed the “Hustle” stage to “Growth”. There’s heart in the hustle but the nights are long and rest doesn’t come easy. You’ve done that already, maybe in your corporate career or your first years on your own. You’ve earned your stripes and now it’s time to reap the rewards of that hard work. The gamer changer? The right strategy and a willingness to accelerate the process with help from someone who’s been there. That’s where we come in. We’re a boutique strategy studio providing right-sized services to help you leverage what you’ve built and get paid for what it’s worth.


Meet your business coach


Hi, I’m Shani Syphrett, founder of Jamila Studio. I spent the last 10 years building, advising, and working alongside every type of business you can think of, from small businesses to the Fortune 10 companies. I’ve created marketing strategies for Nike, Gap, Maybelline, Essence Mag, and Samsung, launched brand initiatives for Refinery29, Vevo, and Master and Dynamic, and helped small businesses and venture-backed startups grow from the ground up. Beyond coaching, I advise startup and mentor early-stage companies through high-profile incubators & accelerators. I also keep track of the latest trends in business as a regular contributor for Forbes.com. Yes, that’s a lot! But it also ties into my passion for creating scalable processes for success.

Formerly trained as an architect, I got into branding, marketing, and business advising out of a sheer love for storytelling, problem-solving, and the opportunity to help build wealth for diverse founders — particularly women of color. Over the past 4 years, I’ve worked with over 50 founders and side hustlers.

My extensive experience is matched by my collaborative spirit. I consider myself a teacher and facilitator and I make sure to bring a builder mindset to every business I work with. You are the visionary behind your business and I want to help you thrive as a founder and business leader. Let’s get this work!


Get clear, take action, move fast…


You can learn a lot from the University of Google, but can you determine if the #nofilter advice and techniques are right for your business? You can come up with tons of great ideas, but do you know which ones to move forward with first? You can hire a team of freelancers (or an agency), but do you have a clear picture of what success means for your business and how to measure it? You need a guide to help you cut through the noise and build a strong business foundation you can grow forward with, now. We’ll work with you and your team to get you there.


What you’ve done

  • Initial branding, visuals, and content

  • Created a place for your brand in a crowded market

  • Found early customers who get your mission

  • Tested marketing channels (organic, ads, events, etc)

  • Hustle, hustle, hustle

  • Survived on your own skills and determination

What you need

  • A consistent message expressed through a strong brand

  • An defensible brand strategy against competitors

  • A growing customer base who needs your solution

  • A sound marketing strategy, toolkit, & measurable goals

  • A sustainable operations plan

  • An expert advisor to accelerate you into the next phase


a sample of what we offer

Focus Sessions

You’ve got a ton of ideas that need some structure and it would be helpful to review them all with someone who’s been there. Let’s air out your thoughts in a 1:1 coaching session and set priorities to get you clear on what’s important for your business and focused on achieving what’s next.


Mastermind Days

Spend a day with an expert to work through one goal at a time. We’ll tackle anything across branding, marketing, or business operations and end with lots of notes, resources, and recommendations. We’ll also follow up to hold you accountable. Great for teams or individuals!


Strategy Sprints

Sometimes, you need to move fast. Want to realign your mission, business model, and brand identity? Launch a new marketing campaign? Revamp your project process? Create a content calendar? Let’s tackle the big stuff over a few days, with tools proven to accelerate the next step.

Workshops & Events


We love an interactive presentation, so we co-lead workshops with like-minded organizations around the US. These workshops are suitable for businesses from idea to growth stage and can be a great intro to how we work for founders wanting to test us out. Sign-up for our mailing list to get invites to upcoming events.

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