Multicultural Marketing for Millennial Women

Positioning & Style

Jamila Studio helps beauty, personal care & wellness brands stand out from the crowd and build strong relationships with diverse customers.

We're expert digital marketers with real-world product branding chops. Get to know us.


We help brands break the mold with branding & digital marketing.

The beauty industry is a constant cycle for attention. One moment you're in and the next there's something newer, catchier, or all too similar. But, it doesn't have to be that way. We position brands to stand out and get customers. Our team of marketing strategists have 10+ years in the business behind some of the biggest & most unique product brands.


We create content that sells in our in-house studio.

Creative needs strategy. Pretty photos alone will no longer get results for your brand. You need a strategy that mirrors the true habits of your customers, lets you respond to data and culture in real time, and puts products in carts. We can help you use content to create two-way relationships with your customers and drive results for your bottom line.


We're committed to diversity in beauty & wellness.

Jamila Studio was founded to fill the gap between brand marketers and millennial women of color — one of the most underrepresented, yet influential demographics. We work exclusively with brands that share our commitment to diversity in beauty and wellness and seek to create campaigns that speak to all women, rather than for them.


Are you ready to stand out?

It all starts with strategy. Apply for a one-on-one consultation with our lead strategist, Shani Syphrett. Shani's superpower is quick and actionable marketing strategies that come from a deep understanding of product and diverse consumers and years of working for brands big and small.